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“Turbo360 Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) provides enterprise-grade functional end-to-end tracing and monitoring for business process flow across Azure resources.”

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About Energy
  • UK consultancy specializing in cloud-based solutions using Microsoft Azure
Outcomes Derived
Enhanced Visibility
Automatic mapping for clear understanding
Distributed Tracing
End to end tracking of cloud-native and hybrid integrations
Easy Depiction
Precisely depict complex integrations flows
Enable cross-team collaboration
Assign sensitivity level to the tracked property
Greater efficiency
Identifying root cause in minutes with a unified solution

Cloud transformation obscures visibility

One of our customers from the Energy industry is a UK consultancy specializing in cloud-based solutions using Microsoft Azure. They focus on architecture, delivery, and coaching customer teams to deliver excellent solutions using the Microsoft Cloud. Their end client was an energy sector organization undertaking a significant technology transformation to support critical business programs being implemented.

They are implementing several concurrent projects to support critical business changes around supply chain and customer management. The integration platform to support these changes needs to be agile and well managed to keep many different interfaces created to implement integration across systems and automation of key business processes.

The end user’s technical solution is a Microsoft cloud-based integration platform using Logic Apps, API Management, Azure Service Bus, Azure Event Hub, Cosmos DB, Data Factory, and Azure Functions. A few hundred system interfaces are built to facilitate the integration requirements to connect all these systems and ensure they all have the data needed for their users to work effectively. It also has several cross-system business processes requiring a complex system to system orchestration processes.

Real-time visibility for complex integrations

As the integration solution evolves and new interfaces are implemented, the challenge is to provide a low overhead for the management and support of these interfaces so the integration team can focus on delivering business value and be super-efficient at supporting the solution. The organization realized it needed a new approach to help its complex IT environment in the cloud and identified Turbo360 as the solution. Turbo360 allowed them to have end-to-end visibility to understand the business better. Since its cloud transformation, and with Turbo360 implemented, they can now have real-time insights, anticipate problems before they occur, and minimize the impact on business.

  • End to End tracking – Turbo360 Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) provides enterprise-grade functional end-to-end tracing and monitoring for business process flow across Azure resources. We were able to add business monitoring to their interfaces, providing a non-technical view of the processes allowing tracking and tracing of critical processes.
  • Organize Azure Resources in one place – From operation-friendly view to business applications, any issues and fixing the same, everything lives on Servereless360. Service Map offering in Turbo360 helps reduce mean time to repair, but it also flags performance issues before they become problems for the customer.
  • Proactive monitoring – Metric monitoring in Turbo360 eliminates the lengthy process of manually looking through error logs. It immediately performs root-cause analysis on problems as they arise, giving insight into the Azure environment.
The overall experience is quite good. As an Improvement, we expect a much more intuitive UI with a better user experience, and it is happy to see the new version of Turbo360 has come up with a better UI. Since we are a major monitoring user, we may need additional monitoring features like dynamic alerting that alerts the users based on the pattern.