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Migrated from BizTalk to Azure?

Achieve end-to-end visibility on business process flow across cloud-native and hybrid integrations.

Key challenges when moving away from BizTalk Server or the BAM portal


Absence or incomplete end-to-end visibility of business flows.


Difficulty in measuring business performance with less insight.


Reduced information available for compliance reporting.


Inability to pinpoint bottlenecks in business transactions.


Inadequate timely alerts delay resolving critical issues.

Typical Operations

Azure portal is powerful to build enterprise-grade solutions, but complex to manage; this invites Azure experts to handle support tasks.

Desired Operations

90% of issues are functional errors, 60% of which can be automated. With our platform, delegate support to the Operations team.

Pinpoint bottlenecks faster with unified view of business transactions

Attain maximum visibility on the integration solution that functional operations team need.

Ease custom event tracking

Tailor the tracking configuration based on the business expectation to ensure the significant processes like payments are up & running. It is idle to correlate messages in complex implementations like Azure Functions.

ND Intuitive UI Design

Covers Azure and BizTalk use-cases

It facilitates end-to-end data flow tracking from both BizTalk Server and Azure, making Turbo360 ideal for businesses with a hybrid architecture. There is no on-premises or self-hosted equivalent to App Insights.

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Covers Azure and BizTalk use-cases

Turn data to answers immediately

Turbo360 offers a user-friendly search for accessing tracked transaction data, making it easily accessible to business users. In contrast, Kusto query presents a steep learning curve that can impede the extraction of meaningful insights.

Turn data to answers immediately

Ensures consistent message tracking

If you expect the tracking to be transactionally consistent with your processing of messages, it is unlikely to be guaranteed in App Insights as it has sampling feature. Turbo360 ensures tracking of all the events in the business process.

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Ensures consistent message tracking

See how Turbo360 helps customers in improving their Azure ROI

“As we are dealing with hybrid systems, the primary need is to have visibility on the transfer of data and monitor business flow. In the Azure portal, it isn’t easy to search a specific flow and understand data transfer.”

Stig Henriksen Integration Architect

Accuracy in proactive monitoring


Efficiency in distributed tracing

“We used to rely on Azure alerts, but when we are busy, it’s painful to have an eye on each email. With Turbo360, we got to experience some powerful features like centralized dashboards, dead letter resubmission, and proactive monitoring.”

Amit Patel Senior Technical Support Engineer

Reduction in TCO


Improvement in resolution time

“We don't have enough time to resolve if there is an order failure, so we need to know that immediately, and that's what Turbo360 is doing for us. You have one overview of all our resources health, giving you peace of mind.”

Jari van den Munckhof Product Owner, Jan Linders

Efficiency in monitoring


Reduction in TCO