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“Turbo360 not only stops with the monitoring but also provides automation capabilities to reprocess dead-letter messages.”

Thorsten Reuther,

Director of Client Solutions

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About Docuware
  • Founded in the year 1988 as DOCUNET GmbH
  • Document management software and workflow automation
  • DocuWare has more than 15,000 active customers
  • Headquartered at Germering near Munich, Bavaria, Germany / New Windsor, New York, U.S
Information Technology
Outcomes Derived
Greater efficiency
Precise root cause analysis eliminates manual toil
Better digital services
Complete visibility across all platforms and channels
Proactive monitoring
Experience proactive monitoring with appropriate warning thresholds
Real-time answers
Actionable data drives strategic decisions
Reduced complexity
A unified platform provides deep observability

Native monitoring increases the intricacy

DocuWare provides document management and workflow automation solutions in the cloud. DocuWare has helped 15,000 customers across 100 countries simplify their work through digitizing, automating, and transforming key processes. Digital transformation has taken hold across every industry, and the speed of innovation has accelerated. Docuware realized that migrating its services to a cloud-native architecture would be critical to its ability to achieve the agility needed to ensure the continued success of its business and its customers.

Docuware began its cloud-native journey by shifting to Azure serverless services. Back then, their primary challenges were monitoring and alerting the Azure resources. They wanted a simple and reliable system that integrates with Azure and different notification channels like Microsoft Teams.

“We couldn’t find a way to simply alert different teams on business exceptions occurring in our Azure.” – Thorsten, Director of Client Solutions.

It wasn’t easy for them to monitor the Azure Service Bus. There was no proactive monitoring solution available in the market to monitor the failover messages in a queue or a topic. It was also challenging for them to monitor the messages piling up in the various dead-letter queues. Their users were forced to traverse between different subscriptions and tenants to find where the messages were piling up.

Turbo360 over native tools

Docuware sought an intelligent observability platform that could provide consolidated monitoring. After evaluating the market, Docuware identified Turbo360 as the clear choice due to its flexibility, comprehensive capabilities, and ability to quickly identify and solve performance issues.

Docuware has been using Turbo360 since it was ServiceBus360. They use Business Applications for better visibility of integrations and define different alerts. The advantage of using Turbo360 is it provides support for different types of Notification channels like Microsoft Teams and other ticket systems. Using Turbo360 monitoring, it is possible to send alerts to dedicated communication channels like Operational, dev, etc.; From this, their team will get insights on the increase in survey exceptions.

Turbo360 not only stops with the monitoring but also provides operational capabilities like Message reprocessing and automation. When the user finds the failover messages with proactive monitoring, they can repair & resubmit the messages to the backup system. Turbo360 also allows users to perform bulk reprocessing using Automated Tasks.

“The monitoring and alerting are the most favorite features in Turbo360, especially when comparing it to Azure offered to monitor. The ease of use and faster configuration to get the alerts in Microsoft Teams made us choose Turbo360 monitoring over the Azure portal.” – Thorsten, Director of Client Solutions.

  • Proactive Monitoring – Metric monitoring in Turbo360 eliminates the lengthy process of manually looking through error logs and immediately performs root–cause analysis on problems as they arise, giving insight into the Azure environments
  • Intelligent Automation – The Automated Tasks enabled by Turbo360 has helped send dozens of messages in one go. It also reprocesses failed messages at scheduled hours, reducing business risk.
  • Operational Excellence – Turbo360 points to the precise root cause instantly, so Docuware’s teams can jump straight into resolving issues before guest experiences are impacted.
  • Diverse notification channels – With Turbo360, notify appropriate stakeholders via collaboration tools like Teams & Slack and utilize the ability to design customizable email notification templates.
“In Turbo360’s case, these Quarterly catchups that we do every three months are unique, and we don’t know this from any other provider. So, from the customer service perspective, we think there is much better service from Turbo360 than we see from others. The technical support was always fast and good.”
Thorsten Reuther,

Thorsten Reuther,

Director of Client Solutions