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"Turbo360 helped us reduce the TCO by allowing the Azure experts to innovate."

Amit Patel

Senior Technical Support Engineer

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efficiency in monitoring


reduction in TCO


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About Privalgo
  • Privalgo provides payment and risk management solutions to various corporate entities and high-net-worth individuals.
  • Privalgo Limited is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Electronic Money Institution.
  • They specialize in Foreign Exchange, International Money Transfers, Payment Solutions, Risk Management, Treasury Management, etc
  • Privalgo was founded in the year 2018, and it is headquartered in London, UK
Financial Services
Outcomes Derived
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Shift left support enables Azure experts to innovate.
Improved performance
Identify and resolve issues up to 90% faster.
Seamless Onboarding
No overhead for heavy lifting
Reduced complexity
A unified platform replaces multiple tools.
Superior customer experience
Ability to anticipate and resolve issues before impact.

Native Monitoring leads to Alert Storms.

Privalgo is a FinTech brand leading the way in creating a new breed of FX companies. Privalgo has harnessed the know-how of its IT Department to develop its market-leading technology solutions. Its platform is built on a complex cloud-native technology stack running in Azure. The move to a cloud-native architecture introduced complexity across Privalgo’s IT services environment. They relied on native monitoring tools to maintain visibility into the end-to-end technology stack. Since Azure sends email alerts, the team found it hard to follow up on each email to understand the issues raised. This made it challenging to identify the root cause of performance issues quickly.

“We used to rely on Azure alerts, but when we are busy, it’s painful to have an eye on each email. Also, we used to depend on Service Bus Explorer to manage the Dead Letter Messages hence depending on multiple tools was hectic for us to achieve real-time monitoring.” – Amit Patel,

Real-time monitoring with Turbo360

Privalgo realized that its teams required a consolidated view across the end-to-end technology environment, with real-time visibility, enabling proactive monitoring. After evaluating the market, Privalgo identified Turbo360 as the best fit due to its ability to detect the root cause in real-time and consolidate all application monitoring capabilities onto a single platform. With such granular insights, Privalgo’s teams can foresee and fix issues before they adversely impact the business.

  • Easy to Configure – Turbo360 was able to immediately map out Privalgo’s cloud environment and identify the intricate relationships between its resources. It was effective when compared to Microsoft alerts.
  • Centralized Monitoring – Turbo360’s centralized mechanism helped Privalgo spend less time figuring out what went wrong in their widespread Azure environment. They could immediately see the problem and fix it with the same tool.
  • Operational Excellence – The Privalgo team can quickly discover and reprocess the failed Service Bus messages with Turbo360’s out-of-box operational capabilities.
  • Reduced TCO – With Turbo360, Privalgo could safely transfer the less valued support tasks to the L1- support person and free up the skilled Azure resources to focus on business development.
“With Turbo360, we got to experience some powerful features like centralized dashboards, Deadletter resubmission, and proactive monitoring. Before Turbo360, we had to rely on multiple tools and depend on a team for managing and monitoring the Azure environment. Now, just one person is looking at the tool which helped us reduce the TCO. Currently, 75% of our business environment is monitored with Turbo360”
Amit Patel

Amit Patel

Senior Technical Support Engineer