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"Turbo360 proactively notifies issues in Azure resources and provides end-to-end visibility on hybrid systems."

Stig Henriksen,

Integration Architect

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accuracy in proactive monitoring


efficiency in distributed tracing


improvement in resolution time

About BAMA
  • Norway's most prominent private distributor of fruit and vegetables
  • More than 500,000 tonnes of fresh products are handled every year
  • 5,000+ regular customers in Norway
  • Bama is the main sponsor of the Norway national football team.
Outcomes Derived
Real-time answers
Actionable data drives strategic decisions
Seamless visibility
Advanced observability across the multi-cloud platform
Precise answers
Insights help teams proactively solve problems
End-to-end visibility
Achieve distributed tracing across the Azure environment
Proactive resolutions
Potential problems resolved before users impacted

Cloud adoption leads to complexity

Bama-Gruppen AS is Norway’s most prominent private distributor of fruit and vegetables with a huge count of customers. With the rapid customer growth, BAMA underwent a digital transformation to reinvent the business. This migration introduced many changes, including the move to a hybrid environment comprising Microsoft Azure and on-premises infrastructure.

As a result, BAMA’s IT stack has become increasingly dynamic and complex, making it more challenging to monitor and manage. BAMA identified a need for end-to-end visibility into its environment to ensure its digital teams can access the insights and answers they need to deliver. BAMA also wanted centralized monitoring for those working on problem resolution to ensure everything was available on the same tool to resolve problems faster.

“As we are dealing with hybrid systems, the primary need is to have visibility on the transfer of data and monitor business flow. In the Azure portal, it isn’t easy to search a specific flow and understand data transfer”.

Intelligence beyond the native tool

BAMA needed a new approach to monitoring that could handle the complexity of its hybrid environment and was futureproofed. After evaluating the market, BAMA selected Turbo360. Turbo360’s BAM capabilities helped instrument BAMA’s entire hybrid environment and can process billions of dependencies in real-time. It provides the full-stack observability and precise answers BAMA’s teams need to maintain seamless digital experiences.

“When looking for tools to overcome our challenges, we found a few tools to meet our needs, among which Turbo360 impressed us a lot. The overall experience with Turbo360 so far is good. We would suggest Turbo360 to other companies as well”. – Stig Henriksen, Integration Architect

Turbo360 addressed these monitoring challenges by allowing us to understand data flow in a business with a detailed flow chart in BAM (Business Activity Monitoring).

Also, they are using the Business Applications where they perform monitoring for Azure footprint. Turbo360 generates consolidated reports, which is very useful for insight into the health status of the resources

  • Intelligent observability – Turbo360’s single-agent approach means it can discover and instrument all application and infrastructure components across BAMA’s cloud environment eliminating blind spots and avoiding the need for multiple tools and agents.
  • Precise root-cause analysis – Turbo360’s Business Applications is equipped with the ability to continually provide the exact root cause of potential problems before they impact customers.
  • Creating end-to-end visibility – The BAM capability from Turbo360 enables BAMA to track the messages flowing in the system.
  • Proactive monitoring – Metric monitoring in Turbo360 eliminates the lengthy process of manually looking through error logs and gives immediate insight into the Azure environments.
Stig Henriksen,

Stig Henriksen,

Integration Architect