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Free Azure Cost Management Workshop

Are you wasting a lot of money on your Azure? In this workshop, we will discuss Azure cost management & help you setup to analyze your costs & identify potential cost savings in your organization.

Register your interest now and let us know your preferred location. We will soon try organize a session nearer to you.

Azure Cost Management

Deep Dive Content

From experienced Azure expert to just curious about the world of cost management in Azure.

Half-day Workshop

Optimize learning with half-day workshop, balancing knowledge retention and time constraints.

Hands on Experience

Attend Cost Optimization and Cost Analysis hands on experience from experts & get your queries answered.


We regularly see customers with 30% of waste in their cloud spend

Many companies have trouble handling their Azure expenses and end up wasting money due to inefficiencies. That’s why we’ve teamed up with partners to create a workshop and hackathon. Our aim is to help you understand and manage your Azure costs better, so you can save money and feel confident about your cloud spending. Interested in joining our free workshop? Ask about it today!

Who Should Attend this Workshop?

  • Is your Azure bill out of control?
  • Do you have no idea if the resources in your Azure environment are used?
  • Are you paying for Azure resources which might not be effectively utilized?
  • Do you feel unsure if you are efficient and getting value for money from your Azure solution?
  • Did you implement a good solution for your customers but now the running costs of the solution are not sustainable?
  • Did you use the Azure Cost Management features but they just don’t give you what you need?

Unlocking Azure Cost Efficiency: A Comprehensive Comparison

The vast landscape of Azure comes with lots of features that would significantly influence your billing and how much you pay.