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Service Bus – The heart of an Integration

Key Takeaways

Alessandro Moura is an Integration Platform Lead at Fisher & Paykel Appliances. He has got twenty-plus years of experience in the integration side of Azure. Alessandro is certified in Azure, BizTalk, and MuleSoft and has delivered 60 Plus Microsoft official courses. Apart from work, he loves blogging and sharing his knowledge across the community. Considering his excellence in community contributions Alessandro is awarded as the Microsoft Azure MVP.

Why Service Bus is the heart of an Integration?

Service Bus has always been one of the technologies we depend on whenever we need reliable communication between parties, where the systems are not dependable themselves. That is where we introduce Azure Service Bus in the architecture of our solutions. It helps us achieve better connectivity between complex solutions with easy data transmission. Service Bus was one of the very first integration technologies that were developed by Microsoft, in Azure.

Evolution of Service Bus

Over the years, the principles of the Service Bus have been the same. If we try to break down the evolution a little bit, Service Bus was initially used to exchange messages between queues. A few years later, they introduced the capability of working in a Pub Sub architecture using topics and subscriptions. Similarly, there are lots of advancements that they did in the products. But I think the bigger one was the Service Bus premium tier, which allows us to change large messages using the service.

Service Bus Premium

The key capability of Service Bus Premium is to allow us to exchange large messages. Service Bus does not stop with this, when we consider the service versus premium, we have dedicated computing power. It keeps you isolated from other users of other companies or servers. The other thing is it allows us to have better network control. If you want to control exactly where the communication goes to and where the communication comes from, we can control that in Service Bus premium as well.

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