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Adopting Azure Durable Functions to build Serverless Stateful Workflows


Jonah Andersson - Speaker

Jonah Andersson

Microsoft MVP



Azure Durable Functions are extensions of Azure Functions. Learn the fundamental concepts you need to know about Durable Functions in programming serverless and stateful workflows. The list of features and how this serverless solution in Azure can benefit both developers and businesses. The best practices, coding constraints when developing Azure Durable Functions, and the different application patterns and types you need to know.

Learn how to get started with developing serverless stateful workflows using Azure Durable Functions in programming language C# in .NET.

Jonah will share examples of Azure Durable Functions with integrations to Azure Storage, Azure Service Bus, Twilio, SendGrid API, and other Azure services.

Key Takeaways

  • How to begin your serverless journey with Azure Functions?
  • Why opt for Azure Durable Functions?
  • Real-world integrations using Durable Functions
  • Step-by-step deployment of Durable Functions in C#

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