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Integration Trends

A series of first-hand information from Industry Experts & Microsoft MVPs, aiming to provide deeper insights on accelerating BizTalk to Azure migration.

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Microsoft Integration Trends 2023

About this Webinar

This season 1 focuses on “BizTalk Server to Azure migration”! Migrating your workloads from BizTalk to Azure has significant benefits, however, it requires choosing the right strategy and devising the best plan considering your business needs. This series is a compilation of 3 exclusive webinars, to guide the migration and will be delivered by experts with decades of experience across business domains in Global Enterprises:

Episodes & Speakers

  • Do you wonder what Microsoft offers to advance BizTalk to Azure migration? Kent Weare, Principal Product Manager at Microsoft joins us to throw light on the key resources!
  • How do Enterprises deal with BizTalk to Azure migration? Sandro Pereira, Head of Integration at DevScope will share the migration strategies and best practises acquired from his experience with multiple Global Enterprises!
  • Finally, Michael Stephenson, Coach and Consultant, Microsoft Azure Adoption, Connected Systems Consulting Ltd and Lex Hegt, Lead Product Consultant at BizTalk360 & Serverless360 will educate us on the Operations perspective of BizTalk Server to Azure migration highlighting the importance of defining a support strategy using reliable solutions available.

Key takeaways for the webinar series

  • Microsoft offerings to advance the BizTalk to Azure migration.
  • Strategy options and planning considerations for migrations.
  • Best practices to accelerate BizTalk to Azure migration.
  • Operations aspects of the migration from BizTalk to Azure.

Join us in this webinar series for exclusive expert advice on BizTalk to Azure migration!

Webinar schedule

Explore the ultimate guidance designed to help you structure your migration knowledge from BizTalk to Azure.

Mar 02, 2023

Kent Weare
Kent Weare


Microsoft offerings to accelerate BizTalk to Azure migration

Mar 09, 2023

Sandro Pereira
Sandro Pereira

Azure MVP

Enterprise case studies on migration from BizTalk Server to Azure

Mar 16, 2023

Mike & Lex
Mike & Lex

Azure MVP

Addressing the Operational challenges in BizTalk to Azure migration