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Unlocking Azure Cost Efficiency: A Comprehensive Comparison of Turbo360 and Azure Cost Management

Michael Stephenson

Michael Stephenson

Mar 1, 2024

Why should I use Turbo360 when Azure has ACM. We have customers who have used ACM for years then found over >$1m per year in cost savings that they just didnt know were there. How much are you wasting?

The vast landscape of Azure comes with lots of features that would significantly influence your billing and how much you pay. Microsoft pitches ACM as a FinOps tool suite aimed at helping you to manage your cloud spend on Microsoft technologies. But in the real world, you quickly realize the constraints of Azure Cost Manager makes it difficult to manage cost and find cost savings in the way you need.

Azure Cost Management (ACM) presents itself as a suite of features, offering useful features such as calculators and Azure Advisor. However, a significant challenge arises as these tools lack user-friendliness, especially for non-experts in Azure. Even for experienced users, the tools are closely tied to the deployment model of Azure resources, making it difficult to attain the desired views and insights.

In contrast, Turbo360 recognizes the need for a more intuitive user interface. We aim to address this challenge by empowering users, including stakeholders in cost management activities, with a platform that enables them to focus on tasks that deliver value and reduce costs.

What’s in store for you?

This whitepaper will give you a detailed understanding of the following:

  • Understanding the challenges with ACM
  • The need for a third-party solution
  • Turbo360: A User-Centric Approach
  • Where does Turbo360 add most value?

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