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BAM Message Tracking in Azure Serverless Services Application

Distributed Tracing

4 Mins Read | Last modified on February 28th, 2024

How to achieve end to end message visibility on Serverless Applications


Looking for an end to end visibility on your Serverless Application made with Azure resources? This article is for you. Consider there is a transaction between the Azure Services. With the existing solutions offered by Azure, you cannot have the visibility on the transaction as well as the stages in the transactions. Here comes the Business Activity Monitoring in Turbo360. With a simple scenario, we will see how to use Business Activity monitoring and track business data.

Real-world Scenario

The above is the Cab booking application built with the Azure Serverless services. Consider a Business user, who needs message tracking through every stage in the above business activity. User should be informed on any exception in the business transaction along with the reason behind the failure. A Business development manager would need to have analytic information on the booking trends at various locations.

What can be done?

In the above scenario, all the azure services might be independent and decoupled. This will make it very hard to track all the data into a single place. Apart from tracking, business users would also need to:

  • Get notified on failed transactions
  • Reprocess the failed transactions
  • Track generic properties
  • Perform better analysis with tracked data.

Considering all the above needs in mind, Turbo360 Azure Distributed Tracing Tool is crafted to perform end to end tracking on our Serverless Applications.

Tracking the Business properties

Consider the above- mentioned Cab Booking application, there would be a need to track the Driver Id, User Id, and Location. By configuring the necessary properties while creating the business process, it can be tracked in the BAM section.

Real-world Scenario

User can even archive the whole messages and their header that is flowing through each stage. Along with the tracked properties, it is also possible to be aware of the status of every stage and hence the transaction.

BAM message tracking

From the picture above it is so clear that even a support person can easily understand and track the business data flowing through the Azure services.

Reprocessing Failed Business Process

Consider a scenario, a User booked a cab and a driver was assigned. Soon after the booking, the driver went offline, this transaction would fail at the driver validation stage of the transaction. To restore this transaction and complete the booking, another available driver should be assigned.

Tracking the Business properties

With the help of Reprocessing, Support person himself can change the required data and reprocess the message to the stage configured with reprocessing.

Reprocessing Failed Business Process

Advanced Filtering

When there are multiple business processes being tracked in the BAM, there would be a need for some efficient filtering mechanism to stay focused. With Search queries in BAM, user can easily filter the Business processes at various perspectives. In Addition to query filtering, it also possible to filter based on the time interval.

BAM message tracking

User can also save the query and use it for Monitoring and Analytics.

Analytics Dashboard

Consider a Business development manager would need to track the business trends at various locations or number of bookings in the last 30 days to make strategic business decisions like expanding business at a specific location. With the help of the Dashboard in Turbo360, user can see the visualization of the data as widgets based on the configured queries.

BAM analytics

In the above image, booking trends on a location, booking trends at various location and number of booking in the last 30 days have been visualized with the help of Dashboard in a Composite Application. It is also possible to create a number of widgets at any size and Dashboards as per the requirement.

Business Process Monitoring

Consider a salesperson would need an alert when the count of failed transactions goes beyond the certain limit at a location or alert whenever there is an Exception. For achieving these requirements, there will be a need for a powerful monitoring tool that works on various perspectives. Turbo360 comes with the out of box monitoring solution for monitoring business processes based on queries and exceptions called Business Process Monitor. It is also possible to view the historical record of alert reports in the calendar view.

BAM report


BAM in Turbo360 solves huge challenges in end-to-end message tracking through the business process and need for analytics. It reduces the Total Cost of Ownership and reduces the effort spent on building a solution to do end-to-end trackability by 20%.

This article was originally published on Apr 21, 2020. It was most recently updated on Feb 28, 2024.

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