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Turbo360 Unveiled: The Ultimate Cloud Management Platform for Azure


6 Mins Read | Last modified on February 27th, 2024

Today, we are thrilled to announce our brand-new product, “Turbo360”—an ultimate Cloud Management Platform for Microsoft Azure.

It’s not a completely new product; we are rebranding and repositioning our successful product Serverless360, to Turbo360 to serve a bigger market and customer base.

Serverless360 has evolved into a full-blown cloud management platform in the past seven years. We continuously added capabilities to the product, addressing various day-to-day cloud management and operation challenges.

The new brand “Turbo360” will provide clarity to our customers in terms of what we are offering and help us position ourselves in a well-established and upcoming category, “Cloud Management Platform.”

What’s the story?

In 2011, after spending over a decade working with Microsoft BizTalk Server and in the enterprise integration space. I spotted a lot of gaps Microsoft was not addressing when it came to day-to-day administration and operations, and I founded the company with a single product, BizTalk360.

We focused on carefully listening to customer feedback for the next five years and growing the product and customer base. BizTalk360 became a category-defining product with over 500 enterprise customers, including Microsoft, as one of our key customers.

Back in 2016, we reached an important pivotal point. We ask ourselves the question, “What’s next?”

This is when Microsoft Azure is getting a lot of traction and reaching a maturity level. Microsoft started communicating it was going to be a cloud-first company.

It became a logical step for us to build something to address the gaps in Azure. Azure being in its infancy, there were a lot of gaps Microsoft couldn’t fill.

We picked up solving the requirements of the “Azure Service Bus” and started ServiceBus360.

Expanding into the era of Serverless

As Azure expanded, Microsoft added more and more services into Azure, like Logic Apps, API Management, Event Hubs, Functions, Stream Analytics, etc, all under the new buzzword “Serverless” or “PaaS” (platform as a service).

As Azure matures, customers start building complex solutions easily by picking and choosing various Azure services. An enterprise-grade, scalable, and reliable solution can be combined with little effort. That’s the success of Azure (cloud in general).

However, this easily built solution also possessed great challenges around day-to-day operations, management, and monitoring of the solutions built and deployed in Azure.

This is where we realized a bigger gap and opportunity in the market. In combination with our expertise in building and scaling BizTalk360 and ServiceBus360, we expanded our offering to a wider Serverless/PaaS ecosystem.

We rebranded ServiceBus360 to Serverless360 with a much wider offering.

The goal of Severless360 is to provide a sophisticated platform to manage and operate your Azure Cloud application built on top of the Serverless/PaaS stack.

We started with a single module called “Business Application” which allowed customers to group Azure Resources (like Logic Apps, Functions, Storage, Queues, etc.) into meaningful applications and manage them as an entity. We provided monitoring and governance capabilities that were much more intuitive and advanced than Azure Portal.

Around 2019, we added our second module, “Azure Documenter” which provides technical documentation and architecture diagrams for your cloud environments.

In 2020, we added our third module, “Business Activity Monitoring,” an end-to-end tracing and observability solution. When customers are building solutions using multiple technology stacks in Azure, it becomes important to understand the flow of messages (ex, Purchase order processing). This is a common problem/solution in the enterprise integration world.

Expanding into Cloud Cost Management

At, we have multiple SaaS products (Document360, Churn360, and Serverless360). We are bigger consumers of Azure for our internal use. On average, we see anywhere from 2-5% month-on-month growth in our Azure spend. For a few years, we have built some internal best practices, tools, and processes to reconcile every month and actively optimize our cloud cost.

Despite having a strong technical team with a deep understanding of Azure, every month, we see areas where Azure cost goes out of control, either due to some misconfiguration, human errors, or even some extent, Microsoft’s fault, and we need to raise support tickets to rectify the cost.

We felt there was a lack of tools in the Cloud Cost Management space, especially focusing on Microsoft Azure (there are some good products for AWS in the market).

This is when we decided to build our fourth module, “Cost Analyzer” (around 2021), focused on “Azure Cost Management” and added it to the product. Since then, we have continuously improved the module with our learnings and learnings from our customers.

Birth of Turbo360

As you can see, at this point, over the past 7 years’ journey the product has significantly expanded in scope. Today, it covers the entire spectrum of capabilities required for the a “Cloud Management Platform”.

We felt the original name, “Serverless360,” was a bit misleading and did not provide the context and value proposition the product deserves.

Acknowledging this realization and striving to better align with our capabilities and aspirations, we are thrilled to introduce Turbo360.

Turbo360 is generic, memorable, and reflective of our mission – to boost productivity for Microsoft Azure users. This transformation is not just a mere name change but a holistic upgrade encompassing a rich and intuitive user interface and a big platform upgrade.

It promises to supercharge your Azure cost savings, monitoring capabilities, and productivity. Our journey from ServiceBus360 to Turbo360 signifies a comprehensive evolution, positioning us as Azure’s ultimate Cloud Management Platform (CMP).

Turbo360 Features and Capabilities

1. Holistic Monitoring

Turbo360 provides a unified solution to monitor, troubleshoot, and resolve issues in Azure resources. This extends beyond integration services to encompass all resource types, ensuring a comprehensive monitoring experience.

2. Technical Documentation

Turbo360 transforms the raw Azure metadata into informative insights based on workload, cost, and security. Turbo360’s Technical Documentation feature offers a solution to effectively understand and manage Azure resources.

3. Business Tracing

Turbo360 provides powerful analytics, operational insights, and monitoring capabilities for enhanced business tracing by offering a self-service portal to end-to-end track message flow between Azure integration services.

4. Cost Management

A significant addition to our offerings, Turbo360 addresses the crucial aspect of Cost Management. With Azure cost management capabilities, users can analyze, monitor, and optimize their spending and gain insights into resource utilization.

The Future of Turbo360

As we embark on this new chapter, our commitment to serving our customers better remains unwavering. Turbo360 marks a rebranding and a culmination of technology and platform advancements with real user feedback. We invite you to experience Turbo360 and witness the transformation of Azure cloud management—making it easier, more efficient, and more productive than ever before.

As we redefine ourselves in the Cloud Management Platform space, Turbo360 promises to catalyze your Azure success.

Try Turbo360 now and elevate your Azure management experience to new heights.

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This article was originally published on Feb 10, 2024. It was most recently updated on Feb 27, 2024.

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