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Diabetes Australia

“We haven’t used the Turbo360 Support Team because the system just runs; it was effortless to set up and is a very stable platform.”

Michael Fanning,

National IT Manager

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About Diabetes Australia
  • Established in 1984 and is the national body for people affected by all types of diabetes
  • Third oldest diabetes association in the world after the United Kingdom and Portugal
  • More than 134,000 paid members throughout Australia
  • Diabetes Australia is a not-for-profit organization supported financially by the community
Outcomes Derived
Reduced manual effort
Continuous automation drives faster dead-letter processing
Greater efficiency
Precise root cause analysis eliminates manual toil
Reduced complexity
A unified platform provides deep observability
Greater efficiency
An end-to-end solution replaces multiple tools
Proactive monitoring
99% of issues are resolved before business gets impacted

Dead Letter messages fuels complexity

In an industry where rapid expansion is often the result of strategic acquisitions and organic growth, many healthcare organizations face significant overlap in capabilities and rising technical debt, which can significantly increase the cost of care.

The company chose to pursue an application modernization and cloud migration strategy to overcome this. It began with a private cloud, moving applications to Azure. To realize further value, it decided to embrace Azure services like Service Bus and reimagine its applications in a microservices architecture. This migration presented new challenges, making it harder to achieve observability across the entire stack. The Service Bus queues started facing dead letter storms, and due to a lack of monitoring and operational capabilities, the system encountered a huge fallback. It became more difficult to assure service availability and user experience, both of which are crucial in the healthcare industry.

Intelligent Automation and Proactive Monitoring transform operations

Diabetes Australia chose Turbo360 to manage and monitor Service Bus, having been impressed by the operational excellence and the out-of-box monitoring it could provide. Turbo360 allowed them to resolve issues quickly rather than invest in problem identification and alert correlation. We boosted their productivity by providing the right operational and monitoring toolset.

“From an experience point of view, it is an easy-to-use tool with a good interface. It allows us to navigate between different applications quickly. It’s straightforward to understand what to do and where to resolve any issue”- Michael Fanning, National IT Manager.

Turbo360 is an all-in-one solution, where Diabetes Australia was able to experience an easy configuration, wholistic visibility on the application, and identify the issues sooner. The consolidated monitoring helped them troubleshoot the problems proactively. In addition to the monitoring capabilities, Turbo360 also extends its offering in operational efficiency. Automated Tasks helped them cut down the manual effort required for sending messages and reprocessing them. As a result, they could quickly resolve the glitches in ad content and playlists beforehand.

  • Deeper Insights – Turbo360 provides Diabetes Australia with actionable insights into performance issues across its entire Azure environment in real-time.
  • Comprehensive Alerts – Performance alerts don’t just identify anomalies but contain the precise root cause, so Diabetes Australia can remediate fast and prevent problems from escalating into impacting issues.
  • Better Observability – Turbo360 addressed their operational challenges by allowing them to aggregate the view and a traffic light system that helped them quickly find the issue.
  • Operational Excellence – Diabetes Australia found Turbo360 to help spot the reason for a failure which led them to delve straight into the affected Service Bus queues and rectify the issue.
Michael Fanning,

Michael Fanning,

National IT Manager