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"I would say we would be blind without Turbo360. In the beginning, it was nice to have Turbo360. But after two years, we consider this as a part of the whole architecture."

Blanchon Pierre,


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  • La Poste's new brand of data marketing and precision communication
  • 91 million turnovers with 250 loyal clients
  • Founded in 2019, headquartered in Montrouge, France
Data Marketing & Communication
Outcomes Derived
Improved performance
Identify and resolve issues up to 80% faster
Real-time answers
Actionable data drives strategic decisions
Greater efficiency
Precise root cause analysis eliminates manual toil
Single source of truth
Improves collaboration across multiple environments
Lower cloud complexity
Advanced observability simplifies a complex stack

Fragmentation hikes complexity

ISOSKELE is La Poste’s new brand of data marketing and precision communication. It supports advertisers in their customer and brand issues by mixing data & consumer science. They create a stronger, more affinity, the more profitable relationship between advertisers and their customers. They migrated to Azure to scale up their business, where they have built different architectures based on customer needs. As a result, they ended up having multiple resource groups. This fragmented Azure landscape created a challenge in achieving centralized monitoring for all the resource groups. Because when they used the Application Insight and Azure monitor, they were not given a choice but to monitor each resource individually.

“In Azure, it was difficult for us to monitor in a simple and centralized system.”

Apart from a holistic view, they also had another operational challenge in managing the Service Bus queues. Due to the excessive usage of Service Bus in their environment, dealing with the Dead-Letter messages turned out to be hectic.

Holistic View and Intelligent Automation for rescue

ISOSKELE needed to attain centralized visibility of its business to identify the root cause of problems and resolve them quickly to provide the best possible experiences for its customers. Therefore, they needed a single monitoring solution compatible with its Azure environment. After evaluating the potential options, ISOSKELE identified Turbo360 as the best solution for its requirements.

Turbo360’s ability to provide deep visibility into the Azure environment was much needed due to ISOSKELE’s fragmented technology stack. ISOSKELE also recognized that Turbo360’s automation capabilities would enable it to simplify Service Bus operations and give the team more time to focus on development, which will bring an increase in productivity.

“When we have some problem in Service Bus, we must do it manually, and that’s too hectic for us. But in Turbo360, we were able to do automatically at ease.”

Since adopting Turbo360, ISOSKELE has gained full-stack observability across its Azure integrations with monitoring, management, and operational capabilities.

  • Centralized management – With Turbo360, ISOSKELE has a single observability solution across its fragmented environment, providing all the insights it needs from one dashboard.
  • Real-time visibility – Service Map offering in Turbo360 helps reduce the mean time to repair, but it also flags performance issues before they become problems for the customer.
  • Reducing manual efforts – Turbo360’s highly automated approach means ISOSKELE’s team can instantly and continuously discover and process failed Service Bus messages with no manual configuration.
  • Intelligent Automation – Turbo360’s intelligent automation helps organizations proactively resolve business-critical errors rather than being reactive.
“The whole Turbo360 team is very responsive. We did not understand why a quarterly health check was required; we just thought it was free, and let’s say yes. But it’s beneficial because we are very busy with our projects, and we don’t think about optimization. When we have the quarterly call, they help us in optimizing the usage of the product, which is very helpful”, says BLANCHON Pierre
Blanchon Pierre,

Blanchon Pierre,