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There are many monitoring features available from Microsoft Azure, but there is not one cohesive tool that we can use to get a high-level view like that offered by Turbo360.

Antonyraj Sebastin

Sr. Engineering Manager

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efficiency in distributed tracing


efficiency in monitoring


reduction in resolution time

About Document360
  • Document360 is a self-service knowledge base platform
  • Multi-million turnovers with 100k active users per month
  • Founded in 2017, headquartered in London
Outcomes Derived
Self-service platform
Save DevOps team's time in supporting business unit
Smarter observability
Quicker and more accurate health checks
Cross-team collaboration
Improves collaboration across multiple teams
Reduced alert storms
Enabling teams to quickly identify the answers
End-to-end visibility
Achieve distributed tracing across the Azure environment

Multi-million dollar SaaS knowledge base platform monitors & tracks Azure integrations

Document360 is a self-service knowledge base platform under the suit of multi-product SaaS company

It was humbly launched in 2017 after realizing the gaps in the available tools, which were complimented as a package of customer support platform but not purely focused on knowledge base creation and maintenance.

The entire Document360 application is hosted in Microsoft Azure. As the application embraced microservice-based architecture, naturally, it had multiple integrations which required a robust monitoring and distributed tracing solution.

As Document360 started serving enterprise customers at scale, it has become significant to monitor the infrastructure and integration issues before impacting its premium customers from different regions.

In addition, the DevOps team must proactively find functional errors or issues in a critical background job running on Azure Durable Functions for credit card payments.

Solving the need of visualizing and monitoring the end-to-end data flow

In Document360’s case, they wanted to start with monitoring the jobs related to credit card payments, which integrated to a third-party tool for payment using a credit card and it required the following tasks to be running at daily intervals.

  • Successful payments,
  • Payment failures,
  • Expired cards,
  • Invoice notification, etc

They tried a few solutions in the market that provides distributed tracing and found them to be bloated and not Azure first. They even considered building a custom logging and tracking solution for achieving end-to-end tracking as it is critical for them to monitor the jobs. In search of a solution, they came to know that Turbo360 recently brought in an offering called BAM it solves the exact problem that they were facing. So, they decided to give Turbo360 BAM a try for a small chunk of integration.

How are they Saving Azure DevOps Team time from providing IT support to the business unit?

The Document360 team observed only 30% of the issues are occurring due to the factors like server outage of the resource which affect availability, rest 70% of incidents are functional errors. For instance, it could be due to data format mismatch, stock unavailability, invalid licence key, unauthorized access and more. Even to address the 70% of the functional errors the Azure DevOps team support was required even though it doesn’t do anything with technical changes.

Now the first line of support was provided by the business unit who are neither technical users not aware of using Azure portal.

With Turbo360, they can now democratize the data which is required to troubleshoot the incidents due to functional error.

  • Self-service platform – No need to access Azure portal. They were able to democratize the data which is required for troubleshooting and abstracting the infrastructure.
  • Single source of visibility – The organization’s support team, applications team, and infrastructure team all share this same dashboard, improving collaboration and enabling them to deliver more excellent business value.
  • Cross-team collaboration – Turbo360’s highly automated approach means ISOSKELE’s team can instantly and continuously discover and process failed Service Bus messages with no manual configuration.
  • Reduced alert storms –Turbo360 consolidates alerts, suppressing alert storms and enabling teams to quickly identify the answers they need to resolve problems.
  • End-to-end tracking –Turbo360’s precise root cause analysis with BAM capabilities enable Document360’s DevOps team to understand the full context of the issue and resolve it much faster, reliving the DevOps team’s time in resolving functional failures.
Antonyraj Sebastin

Antonyraj Sebastin

Sr. Engineering Manager