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"We are assured that the developers work peacefully because the support team is enabled with Turbo360, which gets everything fixed".

Marius Lindberg,

Product Owner

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About Solwr
  • Solwr delivers logistic and automation solutions for the trade industry
  • They specialize in Supply Chain Software, Retail Software, Transport Management software, SaaS solution, Demand forecasting, AI/Machine Learning, and Robotics
  • Solwr operates with an employee strength of around 200
  • They are founded in the year 1982 at Ålesund, Møre og Romsdal
Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain
Outcomes Derived
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Shift left support enables Azure experts to innovate
Streamlined support
80% reliable support with low MTTR
Proactive remediation
90% of issues were resolved before the business impact
Enhanced Visibility
Centralized mechanism for better understanding
Solutions, not problems
With accurate alerts, instead of information

Custom software increases the complexity

Solwr delivers log tech solutions optimizing trade logistics. With a plug-and-play product portfolio in software and hardware, they offer what innovative players in the trade industry need to be one step ahead. Solwr has some of Norway’s most prominent retailers as customers. It would be impossible to operate at this scale manually, so the technology teams at Solwr decided to offload operations to their support team. Initially, they started building tools by writing custom scripts, which made them do a lot of programming to create the support needed to run their integrations.

However, this was becoming more challenging as Solwr continued to scale operations, which led to an increasingly complex cloud ecosystem. Solwr found that its custom approach to monitoring the performance of its applications and managing user experiences could no longer keep up with this complex cloud environment.

“We saw that it wasn’t very beneficial for us to rely on custom scripts because we spent a lot of time creating that ruling, and as the business scales up, it will be an overhead to rearrange everything in business.” – Marius Lindberg

Shift Left support with Turbo360

Solwr’s support team was growing, and they found it hard to scale their custom tool for multiple people to work on the integration platform. They required a centralized tool to monitor and manage the operational activities of their Azure integrations. Recognizing the need for a more practical approach to enable their support team with Azure operations, Solwr turned to Turbo360.

Solwr relies on Turbo360 primarily for the alert report that ensures their integrations are healthy. The intelligent observability from Turbo360 enabled Solwr to quickly identify solutions that would previously have required a whole team of analysts to uncover. It has also enabled Solwr to consolidate multiple monitoring solutions into a single platform, improving the efficiency of its teams.

  • Shift Left support – Turbo360 helped Solwr offload support from their Azure experts and safely onboarded the support team to monitor their integration without giving access to the Azure environment
  • Proactive Monitoring – Turbo360’s precise root cause analysis allowed Solwr to maintain the health status of the resources and continually provide proactive alerts to potential problems before it impacts business
  • One-stop solution – Turbo360’s centralized mechanism helped Solwr spend less time figuring out what’s wrong as they can see the problem straight away and fix it from the same tool with operational capabilities
  • Reliable Support – The reliable customer support from Turbo360 helped Solwr adopt the tool quicker and provided full-fledged support whenever required with less MTTR
“We ensure we don’t lose any data regarding handling or exceptions. That’s the most important part to ensure everything runs smoothly, and we get that in Turbo360. We highly recommend Turbo360 for their proactive monitoring, accurate reporting, and reliable customer support,”
Marius Lindberg,

Marius Lindberg,

Product Owner