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"Turbo360 revealed $50k worth of cost savings just on Azure SQL database instances"

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About Customer
  • A world scale energy infrastructure business based in North America and operating in the Logistics and Utilities sector.
  • They have been utilizing Microsoft Azure for over 6 years, with an annual expenditure of approximately $5 million on the platform.
Logistics & Utilities
Outcomes Derived
Azure SQL cost optimization
  • Customer reduced the cost of 1 database by just under $50k per year
  • Lowered Azure annual bill
  • Customer reduced Azure bill by over $100,000 per year for one team
  • The SQL Database rightsizing insights were not evident in Azure to save cost

    This customer has been using Azure for many years and it had not been identified that the databases were not utilized in a way which matches their configuration and also that the configuration was probably incorrect.

    Turbo360 Uncovers $50k Monthly Savings on Azure SQL Database

    One of our customers begun using Turbo360 and democratized management of cost out to their engineering and operation teams with a layer of governance provided by the FinOps team. While one application team was analysing their costs it became evident that there were a number of SQL databases used by applications the team looks after that were over provisioned.

    You can see below that the Turbo360 rightsizing feature is showing up a number or resources that could be reconfigured to a different SKU.

    Turbo360 Savings Analysis

    In this case the most notable one was the top SQL database. We can use Turbo360 to open up the database usage overview and see that it is not heavily used at all.

    Turbo360 SQL Database Usage Overview

    This particular database had shown a saving of approximately $4000 per month.

    Upon investigation we could see that this database is configured as a Business Mission Critical SQL Azure Database.

    Turbo360 SQL Database Saving Analysis

    This database was used for non-production purposes in the UAT environment.

    Immediately it was clear that the database and application setup for this database had followed a cookie cutter approach without consideration for the context of how the application would be used. With this being a UAT database its highly unlikely you would want a Business Critical plan and we could change that and reconfigure the database to suit its usage pattern.

    Configuration Changes

    The changes we took followed the pattern below.

    Configuration Changes Pattern
    • Step 1 – Reconfigure
    • The first thing we did was to change the database from Business Critical to General Purpose. This almost halves the cost.

    • Step 2 – Rightsize
    • We then change the database to 4 vCores which better matches the usage requirements in line with the Turbo360 rightsizing recommendations.

    • Step 3 – Optimize Workload
    • We then used the Turbo360 scheduler feature to reconfigure the database on a time schedule so that when everyone goes home we reduce the size of the database to 2 vCores and we scale it up when people are in the office.

      A summary of these changes are below:

      BeforeAfter – UpAfter – Out of hours
      TierBusiness CriticalGeneral PurposeGeneral Purpose
      Cost p/m$4399$700$350
      Time window24h9am – 5pm5pm – 9am


      As result of these changes, this one database had a significant cost reduction from approximately $49,000 per month.

      The customer was also able to action other cost recommendations in rightsizing which resulted in about $9,000 per month worth of cost savings.