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“Turbo360’s proactive monitoring makes it easy for us to monitor our serverless components, thereby letting our business function efficiently.”

Pim Landhuis,

Product Owner, VolkerWessels

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About VolkerWessels
  • Active in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, North America, and Germany and has over 130 local operating companies
  • Carries out approximately 25,000 projects per year
  • Internationally renowned construction group with around 17,000 employees
  • Headquartered at Amersfoort, Netherlands
Outcomes Derived
Better business value
Continuous automation frees up teams to innovater
Proactive approach
Resolve business-impacting issues beforehand
Enhanced experiences
Proactively protect and optimize the business
Extended observability
Into a complex, dynamic cloud-native environment

Lack of monitoring affects business efficiency

VolkerWessels is a leading construction company that plays a key role in society with projects and services that sustainably to the living environment. To further expand digital services, the company built a modern cloud platform on Azure. However, the dynamic nature of its new cloud-native architecture made it difficult to maintain the observability needed to optimize its services with traditional monitoring approaches. VolkerWessels needed a modern solution to ensure it could maximize the resolution time, thereby achieving a reduced total cost of ownership.

As a result, the VolkerWessels technology stack, comprising multiple Azure resources, became increasingly complex to monitor and manage. Its technology teams identified the need for a more advanced solution to help increase their efficiency, improve insights, and more rapidly identify and resolve issues, ultimately freeing more time for driving innovation.

Transformation to enable seamless monitoring

To proactively monitor the Azure environment and achieve operational excellence, VolkerWessels needed a new approach to monitoring. Its teams needed an all-in-one solution that could provide full-stack observability into its cloud environment, offering a single source of truth. After evaluating the market, VolkerWessels identified Turbo360 as the best fit for its needs, providing proactive monitoring and operational capabilities. The automatic and intelligent observability delivered by Turbo360 also enabled VolkerWessels to eradicate dead-letter messages easily.

Turbo360 made it easy for VolkerWessels to set up monitoring for their serverless components with notifications in a consolidated manner. The most features they use are resubmitting Service Bus messages from the dead letter queue and status monitoring of Function Apps and Logic Apps. These are some critical resources that VolkerWessels are using, and enabling Turbo360 for these resources has helped them effectively manage their Azure platform.

  • Proactively monitor business – Turbo360’s proactive monitoring capabilities provide VolkerWessels with invaluable insights into application behavior and error data to resolve problems faster and more effectively.
  • Reduced alert noise – Turbo360 consolidates notifications, suppressing alert noise and enabling teams to identify the answers they need to resolve problems quickly.
  • Improved operational efficiency – The Automated Tasks enabled by Turbo360 has helped send dozens of messages in one go. It also reprocesses failed messages at scheduled hours, reducing business risk.
  • Better business value – VolkerWessels technology teams have been able to identify and resolve issues, freeing more time for the team to focus on advancing digital transformation and accelerating innovation more proactively.
“Turbo360 saves a lot of time because we can automatically do tasks; it’s easier to set up than Azure Logs.”
Pim Landhuis,

Pim Landhuis,

Product Owner, VolkerWessels