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Azure API Apps Monitoring and Management

With Turbo360, Manage and Monitor the Azure API Apps

Azure API Apps Management

Quick access to key properties of API Apps

Azure API Apps Monitoring

View status

Check the real time status of Azure API App whether it is running as expected or stopped

Azure API Apps Monitoring

Access properties

Get instant access to key properties like host names, Region, Resource group name, Subscription name and more

Azure API Apps Monitoring

Be informed on API Apps current status

Azure API Apps Management

Memory Consumption

Data Monitor the average memory working set and the Garbage collection

API monitoring solution

I/O Operations

Closely measure the Input/Output read and write operations per second

Azure API Apps Management


Track number of requests and response latency to understand performance

Azure API Apps Management


Get an overview on API app behaviour on multiple perspectives

API monitoring best practices


Detect violation in API app state against defined threshold