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Azure Data Factory Monitoring Tool

Strengthen your Azure Data Factory monitoring and get end-to-end insights into Pipelines, Integration Runtime and Nodes.

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Top reasons why Azure teams prefer us

Enable Azure support teams to be proactive on Data Factory performance and troubleshoot with shorter Mean Time to Recovery.

Consolidated Report

Track a wide range of performance metrics in a single report to eliminate alert storms and false-positive signals.

Remediate Faster

With focused issue lens, segregate failed runs in Data Factory Pipelines and rerun in bulk with advanced automation.

Extended Support

Get exclusive support to monitor and rerun Integration Runtime Nodes which is present in the self-hosted type.

“In Turbo360’s case, these Quarterly catchups that we do every three months are unique, and we don’t know this from any other provider. So, from the customer service perspective.”

Thorsten Reuther Director of Client Solutions

Efficiency in monitoring


Reduction in TCO

Proactive monitoring support to prevent failures

  • Monitor pipeline run failures with warning thresholds
  • Compare any corresponding metrics (Failed & Succeeded Active runs)
  • Customizable performance dashboards with metrics like Failed Pipeline Runs
Azure Data Factory Monitoring

Efficiently manage failed pipeline runs

  • Action required tab pinpoints the exact failed runs
  • Filter Trigger Runs based on its status like Waiting and Cancelled
  • View Integration Runtimes based on filters like Access Denied and Stopped
Azure Data Factory Monitoring

Advanced automation to improve operations

  • Schedule tasks to retry the failed pipeline runs automatically
  • Uncover and view the nodes associated with integration Runtime
Azure Data Factory Monitoring

Spot performance issues with interactive dashboard

  • Build dashboards to correlate Failed Activity Runs vs Succeeded Activity Runs
  • Discover failure trends in pipeline runs
  • Leverage flexible chart options to build customisable live dashboards
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Azure Data Factory Monitoring

Stay on top of governance and auditing

  • Audit actions performed at the message level in queues
  • Give only desired access permissions with custom roles
Azure Data Factory Monitoring

Support to diverse notification channels

  • Create incidents with PagerDuty and Service Now integration
  • Notify appropriate stakeholders via collaboration tools like Teams & Slack
  • Start designing customizable email notification templates
Azure Data Factory Monitoring

Frequently asked questions

  • Azure Data Factory Monitoring Tool helps you track pipeline runs, set proactive alerts in case of any potential issues, and provides insights into diagnostic logs for root cause analysis.

  • Turbo360 provides consolidated report for monitoring multiple Data Factory pipelines. In the native tool, users need to switch between individual pipelines to view their performance, which can be time-consuming and difficult to identify issues.

  • It provides comprehensive monitoring of Azure Data Factory (ADF) pipeline run failures, integration runtimes, and dedicated integration runtime nodes.

  • Turbo360’s automation capabilities enable rapid recovery from pipeline failures by automatically detecting and rerunning failed pipelines. This eliminates the need for manual intervention, reducing downtime and ensuring the timely processing of critical data workflows.