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7 strategies for Azure Cost Optimization

About the speaker

Twan Koot is a Microsoft Azure Cloud-architect at Ordina, frequently speaking on Azure performance, cost computation, and online conferences. His expertise and passion for Azure make him a sought-after voice in the Azure community.

Tips and best practices for Azure Cost Optimization

Utilize Azure Advisory for Azure Cost Optimization

  • The Azure Advisory provides insights based on rules to identify unused services.
  • It’s a rule-based system which detects unused services or computing
  • The Azure Advisory advises reducing or shutting down underutilized resources like Virtual Machines
  • It aids in the comprehension of the expenses and savings connected with each service

Understand and Monitor Usage Patterns for Effective Azure Cost Optimization

  • Be aware that cloud costs are not just about usage but also about the efficient allocation of resources
  • Monitor the usage patterns of your applications
  • Scale down or shut down resources during off-peak times

Embrace Cloud-Native Development for Azure Cost Optimization

  • Use App Services, AKS, and other Azure services to scale dynamically

Switch Architectures for Better Azure Cost Optimization

  • Consider shifting from Virtual Machines to services like web services or Azure functions, which help save money

Regional Pricing and Compliance in Azure Cost Optimization

  • Data centers across regions may have different prices for the same services, be aware of compliance regulations specific to a region
  • Choose data centers based on compliance, service availability, and budget
  • Example: North Europe may be cheaper than West Europe, offering potential savings

Stay Updated on Service Availability for Azure Cost Optimization

  • Not every data center offers all the Azure services
  • Central regions might have more service availability

Azure Cost Optimization for small businesses

For small businesses transitioning to Azure, it’s crucial to adopt a cloud-native mindset instead of just “lifting and shifting”. Regularly shutting down unused instances can prevent exorbitant costs, and equipping your team with a cost management dashboard ensures they’re aware of their spending and can optimize accordingly.

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