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Azure Logic Apps: Automated Testing Framework Feature

In a recent episode of the Azure on Air podcast, host Michael Stephenson sat down with Wagner Silveira from the Microsoft Azure Logic Apps team. They discussed exciting upcoming improvements designed to enhance the developer experience, particularly in the realm of testing. Here are the key highlights from their conversation:

New Automated Testing Framework

Wagner revealed that a new automated testing framework for Logic Apps Standard is coming soon. This framework aims to provide:

  1. Code-less Testing: Create tests using a familiar Logic Apps designer interface.
  2. Code-based Testing: For more complex scenarios.
  3. Local Execution: Run tests locally without hitting live endpoints.

Key Features

  • Mocking: Easily create mocks for actions within your workflows
  • Assertions: Write assertions using the improved Logic Apps expression syntax
  • Local Execution: Tests run on your local machine using a special test executor
  • VS Code Integration: View and run tests directly in Visual Studio Code
  • Documentation: Add descriptions to tests for better clarity and documentation


  • Lowers the barrier to entry for creating tests
  • Supports both low-code and pro-code developers
  • Improves test fidelity by leveraging the actual Logic Apps runtime
  • Enables faster iterations and risk mitigation

Future Plans

While the initial focus is on unit testing, the team is exploring:

  • Running tests in the Azure portal
  • Integrating tests into deployment pipelines
  • Supporting system verification testing with selective mocking


The code-less testing experience is expected to enter private preview by the end of June, with more details to be announced soon.

This new testing framework represents a significant step forward in improving the developer experience for Logic Apps. By making it easier to create and run tests, Microsoft aims to encourage better testing practices and ultimately lead to more reliable integrations.

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