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What is Azure CAF ?

Key Takeaways

Mustafa Toroman is an experienced Solution Architect with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. He is skilled in Cloud Computing, Microsoft Azure, MS SQL Server, Data Migration, DevOps, and Public Speaking. Mustafa is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft MVP for Microsoft Azure, and award-winning book author.

What is Cloud Adoption Framework?

Cloud Adoption Framework came out of the need to give companies some guidelines on approaching the cloud correctly. The first thing to address in Cloud Adoption is the framework part. When we look at traditional frameworks, they are a foundation that gives a solid ground to build upon. For example, the traditional frameworks, Angular, .NET, and Ruby and Rails, are programming languages in the background that elevate the framework’s particular structure and speed up the process. Why are we trying to do the same with the cloud adoption framework? Many companies started using Cloud in some regard, and some services started moving their applications there. As time passes, it becomes chaotic and something you no longer control. In such situations, the need for a cloud adoption framework comes out. The difference between the traditional and cloud frameworks is that in .NET, we don’t get the finished framework out of the box. What cloud adoption framework brings you is a set of guidelines that help you build your cloud adoption framework and create your foundation that you can build upon and use the cloud in a good and proper way.

Implementing Cloud Adoption Framework

Cloud Adoption Framework is something that you need to build for yourself. It is something that every organization needs to do on its own and figure out how they fit in this cloud bubble. If we want to do things properly, we must define the strategy and the business justification. Because companies often decide to go to the cloud due to hype in the market, it fails because they need a solid understanding of what it is. With the cloud adoption framework, it is essential to understand the business need and the issue we are trying to resolve. The cloud offers so many possibilities, but we need to be aware of those possibilities and understand how they can help us improve our business. It doesn’t end there; you need to have a proper plan. To begin with, you need to get people ready; you need to upskill people. When you go to the cloud, you must ensure people have cloud skills. The next thing is to address processes and changes because the on-prem to cloud switches will bring many differences.

CAF for Small scale and Enterprises

When you look at cloud adoption, small companies were generally more inclined to do that in the past. They rushed to the cloud without proper plans and desperately needed a cloud adoption framework because it was a jungle out there. Compared to that, enterprise companies are more careful when doing stuff. Many enterprise companies are stepping into the cloud and are relying on building a cloud adoption framework before doing anything serious. All industries and all organizations are working around it.

Mustafa Toroman – The Author

“My author career started a few years back when I got the proposition to do a book called Hands on Cloud Administration in Azure, and it was a huge success. It gave me a huge push and motivation to continue doing that. I have done nine books, all about cloud computing and Azure in general. Asian Networking cookbook was one of the biggest successes out of the nine books. A different publisher initially published that, but after some point, the publishing rights were acquired by Microsoft, who gave the book out for a free download. It has 1000s of downloads so far and was also translated into 15 different languages”, says Mustafa.

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