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Distributed Tracing for all: From On-premises to Cloud Integrations


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Modern applications are distributed in nature, integrating solutions built into multiple technologies. In such scenarios, business often gets struck with a billion-dollar question, “Where did the message go?” A technology-agnostic distributed tracing solution is required to answer this crucial question.

End-to-end tracking of the message flowing through these components becomes necessary to search for a particular data transfer, understand the failure reason and reprocess them to restore the business before any impact. The Business Activity Monitoring solution from Serverless360 has proven to meet the need for tracking.

In this webinar, we shall discover Serverless360 BAM for achieving Distributed Tracing for three common types of Business Applications: Native Cloud Integrations, Hybrid scenario (BizTalk Server + Azure), Non- Microsoft Integrations (AWS).

Key Takeaways

  • Significance of Distributed Tracing in various integration scenarios
  • How to visualize the message flow with end-to-end tracking?
  • Features to detect and reprocess critical failures in the data transfer
  • Real-time examples of how tracing helps in root-cause analysis

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