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End-to-end Tracking of Messages from BizTalk to Azure


Bart Scheurweghs - Speaker

Bart Scheurweghs

Senior Integration Architect


24 min

New Cloud adoption has become the new trend. Huge enterprises that have established their business on-premises are currently extending a part of it to Azure. In our day-to-day business, we face many customers with critical information moving from BizTalk to Azure. Our enterprise clients seek help tracking data from BizTalk to Azure. A technology-agnostic distributed tracing solution is required to fulfill this need.

To examine a specific data transfer, spot any failures, and reprocess them to resume operations before any impact, end-to-end message-tracking between BizTalk and Azure becomes essential. Serverless360’s Business Activity Monitoring has come to the rescue.

In this webinar, Bart helped us explore more of Serverless360’s potential to achieve end-to-end tracking of messages from BizTalk to Azure in hybrid integration.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding how Hybrid Integrations involving BizTalk and Azure work
  • Significance of end-to-end tracking for Hybrid Integrations
  • How Serverless360 helps track down business-critical messages traveling from BizTalk to Azure
  • Real-time examples of how tracing helps in root-cause analysis

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