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Integration Trends

A series of first-hand information from Industry Experts & Microsoft MVPs, aiming to provide deeper insights on accelerating Azure topics.

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Microsoft Integration Trends 2024

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Migrating from a Retail On-premise Solution to an Integration Platform in Azure

Embark on a transformative journey in our session focusing on migrating from the on-premise retail broker solution “NewWay” to an integration platform hosted in Azure. We’ll delve into this migration process’s strategic considerations and technical intricacies, offering insights into overcoming challenges and maximizing benefits.

Learn how Azure Integration Services can seamlessly accommodate NewWay’s functionalities while unlocking the scalability, agility, and cost-efficiency of cloud computing. Join me to discover how this migration paves the way for enhanced innovation, flexibility, and competitiveness in the dynamic retail technology landscape.

About the Speaker

Steef-Jan Wiggers is all in on Microsoft Azure, Integration, and Data Science. He has almost 20 years’ experience in a wide variety of scenarios such as custom .NET solution development, overseeing large enterprise integrations, designing and building API’s and cloud solutions, managing projects, experimenting with data, SQL Server database administration, teaching and consulting.

Steef-Jan loves challenges in the Microsoft playing field combining it with his domain knowledge in energy, utility, banking, insurance, healthcare, agriculture, (local) government, bio-sciences, retail, travel, and logistics. He is very active in the community as a blogger, book author, InfoQ editor, and global public speaker. For these efforts, Microsoft has recognized him as a Microsoft MVP for the past 9 years.

Webinar schedule

April 11, 2024


Mick badran
Mick Badran

Founder - SolveIT.Today

Real world Integration experiences - Tips and Techniques

April 24, 2024


Steef-Jan Wiggers

Azure MVP

Migrating from a Retail On-premise Solution to an Integration Platform in Azure

May 08, 2024


Martin Abbott

Azure MVP


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