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Real world Integration experiences – Tips and Techniques


Mick Badran - Speaker

Mick Badran

Founder - SolveIT.Today


1hr 17mins

This interactive session takes the audience on a journey looking at the WHY we do what we do, and then what decisions we make to arrive at the HOW.

There are many Integration tools/techniques around – which one do I use where and when?

On this journey we talk about best practice and build a full end to end solution, incorporating architecture for high end flexible integration solutions.

Will my solution scale? at what point will it break? what is best practice?

We cover all these questions and more – centred around the current Integration toolkits such as Logic Apps, Functions etc. this promises to leave you with more questions than answers and will help formulate your strategies in your real world roles.

I’ve been doing Integration for over 25 years since pre-Biztalk and this session is full of best practice and a lot of audience interaction.

Key technologies covered here – Logic Apps, Functions, IoT Hub, Azure OpenAI.

About the Speaker

Mick has a strong applied technical focus predominately in the Application Integration space, from interactive endpoints through to Analytics and BI stacks. High performance near real time interfaces is his specialty. Mick is a Microsoft Azure Integration MVP with a strong focus on Integration stacks Having an equal balance between training and the consulting worlds with 15 years of leading a technical team to create innovative solutions

Mick is the mastermind behind the global award winning projects and renown for architecting smart Integration solutions whether on-premises, in the cloud or a hybrid of both. His passion is to help people and businesses thrive showing tangible returns from technology investments.

With extensive project experience and ability to get the job done with a positive attitude, Mick is the lead architect and trusted advisor for several blue chip companies specialising in merging businesses, streamlining processes & high stakes projects. He's been there in the trenches and seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

Outside of work, Mick loves ocean swimming, having a laugh and being a dad than he was today.