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Monitoring Azure Functions effortlessly with Robust capabilities & Best practices


Michael Stephenson - Speaker

Michael Stephenson

Microsoft Azure MVP


58 mins

Azure Functions is a serverless compute service in Microsoft Azure, enabling event-triggered code execution without manual infrastructure management. Supporting various programming languages, it scales dynamically, responding to demand while seamlessly integrating with Azure services.

However, the downsides of Azure Monitor for Azure Functions monitoring are:

  • Complexity to set up and configure correctly, especially for users who are new to the platform.
  • Increase in cost depending on the monitoring required for the number of resources.
  • Customize monitoring configurations that require a deeper understanding of the monitoring architecture.
  • Configuring cross-resource queries or aggregating data across various components, which can be more complex to set up.
  • Setting up not properly tuned alerts can lead to alert fatigue, where you receive an overwhelming number of alerts, making it hard to identify critical issues.

To overcome all the above challenges and monitor your Azure Function seamlessly, Micheal Stephenson, Microsoft MVP, is joining us and taking the session on best practices and robust capabilities designed to elevate your experience in managing and monitoring Azure Functions solutions.

What We’ll Cover:

  • Effortless Configuration: Simplifying the configuration process allows you to focus on building solutions
  • Real-time Monitoring Demystified: Dive into the real-time monitoring capabilities that impact your Azure Functions performance
  • Proactive Issue Resolution: Empowers you to troubleshoot and resolve issues efficiently, ensuring the seamless operation of your solutions

About the Speaker

Michael Stephenson is a Freelance Cloud Specialist, Architect and Coach who has worked consistently with enterprise customers delivering production workloads using Microsoft Azure since it was in preview and has 10 years of experience working with Azure. Michael has also been a Microsoft MVP since 2008 with a specialisation originally in Integration solutions and more recently in cloud solutions.

Michael has lead for the Azure adoption at a number of companies who made major investments in the Microsoft Cloud and has many years in the maturity from first steps to the cloud right through the maturity model to effective use of the cloud being a significant business differentiator.

Michael has worked in a number of industries including Finance, Healthcare, Higher Education and SME among others. His work in Higher Education was widely recognised by Microsoft and lead to him showcasing a customer case study in the keynote of the UCISA conference a few years ago.