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Proven methods for elevating end-to-end tracking in Azure/Hybrid Integrations


Michael Stephenson  - Speaker

Michael Stephenson

Microsoft Azure MVP


1hr 24mins

Organizations using complex Azure/hybrid integration solutions often face challenges in visualizing the flow of messages across distributed resources. Some attempt to address this by utilizing different native monitoring tools available, such as Log Analytics, App Insights, etc.

However, this approach can get problematic as it requires expertise in each of these tools, which may be lacking in non-technical Azure operations teams. In addition, they would also not support on-premises services like BizTalk Server or SAP.

In this webinar, Michael Stephenson will present real-world examples with similar Azure/hybrid scenarios, along with a solution enabling end-to-end message flow tracking with significantly reduced effort.

Key Takeaways

  • Several advantages in terms of functionality and ease of use
  • Real-world examples that showcased the concept of employee self-service
  • Integrating with SAP SuccessFactors using Logic Apps and API Management
  • Events hold business value and help to track the progress of critical operations

About the Speaker

Michael Stephenson is a Freelance Cloud Specialist, Architect and Coach who has worked consistently with enterprise customers delivering production workloads using Microsoft Azure since it was in preview and has 10 years of experience working with Azure. Michael has also been a Microsoft MVP since 2008 with a specialisation originally in Integration solutions and more recently in cloud solutions.

Michael has lead for the Azure adoption at a number of companies who made major investments in the Microsoft Cloud and has many years in the maturity from first steps to the cloud right through the maturity model to effective use of the cloud being a significant business differentiator.

Michael has worked in a number of industries including Finance, Healthcare, Higher Education and SME among others. His work in Higher Education was widely recognised by Microsoft and lead to him showcasing a customer case study in the keynote of the UCISA conference a few years ago.