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Uplift your Enterprise Architecture with Azure Integration Services


Alessandro Moura - Speaker

Alessandro Moura

Microsoft Azure MVP



Azure provides independent integration services to overcome modern-day challenges like overwhelming choices, too much to do in terms of analysis, competing priorities, and crushing complexity.

These Azure Integration Services have been growing and extending their capabilities year on year, and it’s indeed hard to keep up with all releases and innovations in the platform.

In this session, Alessandro Moura, Microsoft Azure MVP, showcased the available options in Azure for creating an enterprise-grade architecture for your integration solutions. His focus was on two primary tools, Logic Apps and Azure Functions, and the latest innovations in Service Bus, Event Grid, and Event Hubs.

Key Takeaways

  • Best practices to build an enterprise solution on Azure
  • How can the Azure integration services be better combined?
  • Recent updates in Azure Integration Services

About the Speaker

Alessandro Moura is currently an Integration Platform Lead at Fisher & Paykel Appliances, with extensive experience working with integration technologies like BizTalk, Logic App, Service Bus, Azure Functions & more.