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Azure Functions 3.x

Jan de Vries

Jan de Vries

Mar 10, 2022

Azure Functions have been around for quite a couple of years now. Originally, they have been marketed as a Serverless compute offering in Microsoft Azure enabling you to create an event-driven architecture. Nowadays, aside from running Serverless, you can also run them on reserved plans, premier plans and even in your own Kubernetes cluster.

And, to get the most out of your solutions involving Azure Functions from a performance and cost perspective, there are quite a bit of practices you want to know. Especially if your solution becomes a critical part of the complete solution environment.

So, the goal of this document is to describe how Azure Functions can be uses in real life projects using some out of the box capabilities, but also contains small ‘hacks’ to get them working better in a production environment.

After reading this document, you’ll get a clear picture on how to design & implement production-grade solutions using Azure Functions.

What’s in store for you?

This whitepaper will give you a detailed understanding of the following:

  • Hosting Models
  • Deep dive into Security options
  • Durable Functions
  • Designing a solution and more

Jan de Vries

About the Author

Jan de Vries

Microsoft Azure MVP

Jan has been developing software for well over a decade. Currently, he is working at 4DotNet as a Cloud Solution Architect/Developer. His main focus is on developing highly performant and scalable solutions using the awesome services provided by the Microsoft Azure platform.

Because of his expertise, he has been able to help out multiple customers to bring their on-premise solutions to the cloud and guide them towards a better software development ecosystem.

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