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Operations Perspective on Migrating from BizTalk to Microsoft iPaaS

Michael Stephenson

Michael Stephenson

Jun 15, 2022

Many people and organizations are either combining Microsoft iPaaS technologies with their existing BizTalk Server architectures or looking at how to migrate their BizTalk Server environments to Microsoft iPaaS. 

One of the challenges, if you have been a long-time BizTalk customer, is to understand how the different technologies on Azure overlay on BizTalk Server features from an operations perspective. 

The layout of Microsoft Azure is a set of different services which can be composed together to create integration solutions. While this offers lots of flexibility and opportunities, one of the tradeoffs is that you lose that centralized ability to manage your solutions. 

In this whitepaper, we will discuss the mapping from BizTalk Server to Azure Integration Services from administering and managing your solution perspective.

What’s in store for you?

  • Significant BizTalk Server components
  • Find equivalent component in Microsoft IPaaS
  • How does Serverless360 add value in addition?

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