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Here’s why you should attend INTEGRATE 2019 US


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I am really excited about the recently concluded #INTEGRATE2019 UK. 

INTEGRATE was started back in 2012 with a humble beginning. We started INTEGRATE with the intention of providing the best content for people who are working on Microsoft Integration technologies. It originally started just with BizTalk Server then expanded to include technologies like Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Workflow Foundation (WWF), etc and finally, in the past 3 years it went completely wide covering the complete Microsoft Integration stack (BizTalk Server, Azure Logic Apps, Service Bus, Event Grid, Event Hub, API Management, and Hybrid Integration). 

The 3-day event, with speakers from the Microsoft Product Group and from the Global Integration Community, is the ideal event to listen to the leading Integration Specialists, to learn what is coming next in integration and to network with your peers. When typically attend other Microsoft events like Ignite, Build, Inspire etc you normally don’t get in-depth coverage of these technologies since their focus will be wider audience technologies like Web Apps, SQL Server, Containers and so on. Hence INTEGRATE became THE event for people on the Microsoft Integration Technology. 

This year’s UK edition is by far the most successful one which means the conference is only getting better year after year. This year we had more than 490+ participants, 15 Program Managers from Microsoft Product Group, MVPs, Architects, and Lead developers. It was a very valuable engagement for everyone involved. Check out the community reaction to the event here – #INTEGRATE2019

Did you miss the conference in the UK this year? Don’t worry we are coming to the US in the next couple of weeks.

Here I wish to express why attending Integrate in-person is so important:

Enterprises are gearing up to embrace cloud

In the initial years, the conference was focused on BizTalk Server concepts. With the evolution of cloud platform, the focus transitioned towards Microsoft Azure Integration providing balanced sessions on Cloud, Hybrid and On-Premise solutions.

At the #INTGERATE2018 Jon Fancey, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft in his Keynote mentioned about the need to embrace change towards cloud adoption. The whole of the conference in 2018 was about what’s the future with hybrid and cloud integrations. There were a lot of announcements from Microsoft on introduction towards Azure Integration Services, Logic Apps, Function, etc. MVPs spoke in depth on getting started with these services.

This year in 2019, we could very well see that Microsoft has invested heavily in these services and lot has happened since then.

Beyond Integration

Jon Fancey in his Keynote this year spoke about Beyond Integration and how enterprises have started architecting their integrations adopting cloud services. This year Architects from enterprises like H&M (Retail), SHELL (Energy) and Anglo Gulf Trade Bank (Finance) presented their integration implementations using various Azure Services.

H&M casestudy at Integrate 2019

It would be more valuable to connect with architects over networking to discuss more on the benefits, challenges, and considerations to be followed in your projects.

Interact with Microsoft Product Group

Are you working on BizTalk migrations to cloud? Looking for best practices and tools?

Are you facing challenges in adapting to cloud services?

Are you worried about the roadmap and support for your BizTalk investments?

Who else is better than Microsoft Product Group to provide you advisory for your concerns and roadmap. It is hard to meet Program Managers from different functions in the Integration space all in one place. They have dedicated themselves to meet the customers, Architects, Solutions providers, ISVs and lead developers in these 3 days.

Integrate 2019 USA - Speakers list

And do not forget, the US edition happens at the Microsoft Headquarters at Redmond. You get more time and comfort to meet the product team at their armory. If you don’t get answers for your queries here, you probably don’t get it better anywhere else.

An event like INTEGRATE gives you the depth and breadth of what we can expect from the product group in the coming months.

Logic Apps Update from Integrate 2019 UK with Kevin Lam and Steef-Jan Wiggers

Explore different solutions and best practices

We have scheduled 10+ sessions from MVPs who work as consultants and architects for businesses of different sizes building integration solutions. They present their experiences, best practices, and additional tools that come handy for their successful implementations. They also explain the

challenges they faced, what went wrong, how they recovered in their project implementations. We are sure you are also on the same journey.

You may be interested not to undergoing the same challenges in your implementations.

Integrate 2019 USA - Speakers list

Experience the power of Networking

You could get a lot of information over the internet like documents, videos, blog posts, etc. But it is valuable to listen to the intense sessions from the people who implement end to end solutions. What is more important is to meet them in-person and exchange thoughts.

The main idea behind organizing the INTEGRATE event is to bring the entire community together. Should you choose to miss this event, you also miss to network with people whom you have been following on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn), meet new people and explore business avenues, and finally, have a chat with the speakers. Trust me, from my experience, you can earn good friendships and connections that will last for years to come.

Experience the power of Networking
in Integrate 2019 USA

Till now if you are not convinced enough to attend INTEGRATE 2019 US, I personally feel you are missing out the experience. This is the best place where you can build a strong network and explore the opportunities to build a strong business. You are missing out on the best possible opportunity to grow your company and network with the community.

Integrate 2019 - Twitter stories

Welcome to #Integrate2019 US!

This article was published on Jun 11, 2019.

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