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Optimize Azure spending with Turbo360 periodic notifications

Azure Cost Management

5 Mins Read | Last modified on April 9th, 2024

Is your Azure spend management getting out of control? You’re not alone. Countless businesses struggle with the exact problem, often lacking clarity on the reasons behind the cost spike.

Especially within larger organizations, where multiple teams deploy Azure resources, the Azure costs can quickly get out of control without the necessary tools to effectively track the spending and evaluate monthly Azure spend against their business needs.

To avoid such situations, let’s discuss the options available to stay informed about your weekly and monthly expenditures, in addition to the standard budget threshold alerts.

Why would you need a reliable tool to get notified about Azure costs?

As the consumption of Azure resources grows, estimating the associated spending becomes increasingly complex and nor having an effective cost management tool, pinpointing underutilized and redundant is poses additional disadvantages. All these could lead to wastage, uncontrolled monthly expenses, and unpredictable budget forecasts, ultimately resulting in unnecessary overspending.

Opting for an Azure cost management tool that provides regular spending summaries and insights into potential savings would be the ideal solution in this scenario.

Challenges with native Azure cost management tool

The Cost Management and Billing experience offers a range of functionalities such as bill payment, access management, cost analytics, spending limits, budget threshold alerting, and optimization opportunities for workload fluctuations. However, it falls short in providing users with regular summaries of their Azure spending on a weekly or monthly basis.

But, it’s crucial to receive regular spending notifications in order to gain insight into spending patterns and spot possible overspending or areas for optimization. This proactive approach enables timely adjustments to resource allocation, ensuring alignment with budgetary constraints and maximizing the value of your Azure investment.

Another notable limitation of relying solely on the native Azure Cost Management tool is its lack of ability to provide business context over your Azure spending

Turbo360: Your advanced Azure Cost Management Solution for cost control and real-time spend notifications

Prioritizing in-depth insights and visibility into your Azure spending is important for effective analysis and cost control. Turbo360’s Cost Analyzer has long been meeting this need by providing advanced cost management, analysis, and optimization. As a result, global enterprises have achieved savings of up to 30%.

Adding to its existing capabilities, Turbo360 recently introduced weekly and monthly notifications, addressing a major gap in the native Azure cost management tool. The aim is to keep you engaged with regular updates on how your spend is performing.

In contrast to traditional methods, where users must manually set thresholds and be notified only of any budget violations, Turbo360 provides real-time updates on spending at set intervals. Additionally, these notifications can be customized to be detected at any desired business unit level, such as per product or team.

How do Weekly/Monthly notifications work in Turbo360’s Cost Analyzer?

The significant advantage of utilizing this feature of Turbo360 is that you receive notifications not just at the level of individual subscriptions, but rather at the business group level. For instance, if your company has multiple teams utilizing Azure, each developing multiple products across various Azure subscriptions, simply receiving notifications without clarity on the source of cost spikes would not help while implementing optimization measures.

This is precisely where Turbo360 comes in, as it allows you to group resources based on the required context and provides a hierarchical representation, as depicted in the image below.

Weekly Monthly Cost Analyzer

Here, you can configure notifications at your preferred level on a weekly or monthly basis simply by adjusting your reporting preferences and requirements. There are two types of report that can be generated – Group summary and potential cost savings report.

Group Summary Cost Savings Report

Cost summary report on your Azure Spending

This feature offers a cost summary of Azure subscription spending by comparing the last two weeks. It goes beyond simply accumulating total costs, providing a detailed breakdown of the top resources contributing to cost fluctuations. Costs are color-coded for easy identification of increases or decreases. In the provided image, the green color indicates a decrease in cost compared to the previous time period.

Notifications can be directed to the relevant teams responsible for taking immediate actions to control costs. This ensures that no notifications go unnoticed, and the teams are promptly informed of any cost-related issues.

Azure spend management notification

This is also a great way to keep stakeholders like project managers aware of the ongoing costs during development phases of your project.

Potential cost savings report

Turbo360 provides extensive features for optimizing Azure costs, including recommendations for rightsizing resources and strategically purchasing reserved instances.

These recommendations are delivered directly to your inbox via these weekly/monthly reports, emphasizing the potential savings that can be achieved. With clear insights into the expected savings upon implementing these recommendations, you can make informed decisions to optimize your Azure costs effectively.


Advantages of getting such Azure Cost reports

  • Stay informed with current spending patterns to ensure your teams never exceed the predefined budget.
  • Discover how Azure resources are used at different times of the month. This information can help organizations spot patterns and modify resource configurations accordingly.
  • Enhance accountability and transparency within the organization by providing detailed spending reports to relevant stakeholders.
  • Spot opportunities for rightsizing resources and rightly purchasing reserved instanced to enhance cost efficiency.


With the increasing complexity of Azure deployments and the challenges in forecasting costs, having reliable tools for cost management and notifications becomes paramount. While the native Azure Cost Management tool offers various functionalities, it lacks the capability to provide regular spending notifications and business context.

This is where Turbo360’s advanced Azure Cost Management Solution comes into play, providing real-time spend notifications, group-level insights, and detailed cost summaries to empower organizations with actionable insights.

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This article was originally published on Mar 28, 2024. It was most recently updated on Apr 9, 2024.

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